Thanks for the “Outstanding Blogger Award” Nomination

Thanks a million to The Travel Architect who kindly nominated me for the “Outstanding Blogger Award.” And thanks for making us laugh with your CS3NiT2TWS disease.

What I like about this blogging award, and why I chose to participate, is because, in a time of seemingly endless quarantines and restricted travel, it brings people together to talk about travel and exploration. I have really enjoyed reading different blogger’s responses to a whole slew of questions.

Here are the basic rules:

  • Provide a link to the creator’s original award post.
  • Answer the questions provided.
  • Create 7 unique questions.
  • Nominate up to 10 bloggers and ensure that they are aware of their nominations.

Reponses to Travel Architect’s questions:

1. Everything bad has a silver lining.  Can you think of anything good—both related to travel and for you personally—that has come out of the pandemic?

There’s certainly been less flying, and less driving; so, in the context of travel, perhaps the earth has had a bit of a rest. And, obviously, the issue of over-tourism has been reduced (at least for the time being).

It’s probably also inspired people to explore locally. Many friends have started hiking or camping; first as a way to get out of the house in a COVID-safe way, and then for the sheer enjoyment and adventure of it. Personally, I’ve found myself changing due to COVID. I take a deeper pleasure in little things – sunlight streaming through the window, quiet cups of coffee, and daily walks. I miss being around people (especially gathering around a table for meal!), but I’ve discovered I enjoy working from home (and I have so much extra time when I don’t commute!).

2. You are being given three weeks off to take over the course of one summer. You can only travel within your country of residence. Do you take three separate one-week vacations, or one three-week vacation?

Hmmm… tough. Depends on the summer, and how recently I’ve visited friends and family. If I’m driving, definitely the three-week one. If I’m flying, I may still go for the three-week one – linking multiple destinations together to save on flights. Although…I’m currently missing the sunshine and the sea, so I’d take a week-long one to the beach, and then a two-week one to visit family and friends (in various locations).

3. If suddenly and magically your job became something you could do wholly online, would you sell up, become a digital nomad, and travel the world 24/7/365?  Why or why not?

I can go anywhere in the world?! Wow! Yes, please!

Although….on second thought, I probably wouldn’t travel 24/7/365. Perhaps for a little while, but ultimately, no. It would be exciting and fun in many ways, but eventually, it would become wearisome. Always in a suitcase, always “passing through.” Maybe if I had someone to go along with me, but even then, I’m not sure.

I’d be more likely to live somewhere (perhaps in Europe?) for an extended period of time. Too me, this would be the best of both worlds. I would still take weekend or week-long adventures to different places, but at the same time I would have “home” and community. It would also allow me the time to really learn another language and culture.

4. Do you have any of those bucket list goals that fall along these lines: all 50 states, all 7 continents, every national park, every country on a given continent, etc.?

Not really. I suppose I have a informal “bucket list” – there are things I want to do and learn – but doing all of something doesn’t really appeal to me. I do tend to list certain things when I visit a country (i.e. visit —–, go walking along the river, try a certain food) and sometime I make an “adventure list” (a list of fun, local things to do), but neither of these are very fixed.

“Before I Die…” Wall – Asheville, North Carolina

5. Aside from blogging and as much travel as you can manage, what is something about you or your lifestyle that sets you apart from your friends, family, and colleagues?

Probably my love of languages. I am fascinated by them. I love listening to them. I dream of speaking them – all of them! 😂 Whenever I travel to a new country, I try to learn a few words in that language (hello, thank you). I might speak it poorly, but I try!

6. Have you ever hosted an exchange student? Tell about it. If not, would you like to?  From where?

I have never hosted an exchange student. I actually hadn’t considered it until you asked. It doesn’t really fit with my current lifestyle and housing. Maybe in the future? If I did host, I’d love to host to someone who was fluent in a language I wanted to learn (maybe Russian or French?)

7. When booking travel accommodations, are there any must-have amenities or special features you seek out?

Ideally, a clean toilet. And shower. There’s nothing worse than going in to take a shower and it’s not as clean as it should be. Ok, there are worse things… but still! Dirty bathrooms are gross. And usually a good hint at how the management handles things.

Outside of that, it depends on the context of my travels. I usually look at other practical factors such as budget and location (although I never say no to a good porch or veranda!). If I am traveling alone, for example, I might want something more centrally located so I can quickly and safely get back to my lodgings in the evening. If I am traveling without a car, I will look for something more linked to public transportation.

My Blog Nominations:

The blogs I have chosen to nominate focus on travel, but also post regularly about exploring closer to home. I love the reminder that you don’t have to go across the world to have an adventure. Each of these blogs are fantastic in their own unique way. Go check them out!

Our Crossings

Tia on the Trail

Adventures from Elle

The Tiny Potager (not quite a “travel blog” in the technical sense, but a beautiful blog that proves adventures can be had anywhere: in your garden, down a woodland path, or tucked between the pages of a book).

To my nominees…. If you’ve already been nominated by someone else, or you just don’t fancy it, no problem. You can choose to participate, or you can choose not too.

Thanks again, The Travel Architect! It was fun responding to your questions!

My questions:

  1. You are given the opportunity to live a year in any city (or town) in the world. Room and board are completely covered. Where do you go?
  2. Sometimes photos aren’t “Instagram-worthy” but they hold great memories or make you laugh. Do you have a travel/adventure photo that fits this description?
  3. During your travels and explorations is there a walk or hike you’ve really enjoyed?
  4. Do you ever divert your itinerary based on advice from locals or other travelers?
  5. If you could learn any language instantly, which one would you choose?
  6. What’s the best book you’ve read lately?
  7. A visitor is coming to your local area, do you have a recommendation they wouldn’t find on a “Top Ten” tourist listing?

6 thoughts on “Thanks for the “Outstanding Blogger Award” Nomination

  1. Congratulations on your award and thanks so much for nominating me; I am beyond thrilled! I loved reading your answers, and I agree with you that one good thing has come out of the pandemic despite the crisis for the travel industry – pollution is down, and air quality has improved significantly. And now we have an opportunity to reinvent travel – we can make it better not just safer. Cheers and have a good day. Aiva 🙂

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