view of small pond and ancient stone chapel

An Afternoon at Tobar Phádraig

This small adventure was taken pre-COVID19 following the advice of a local in Clonmel, Ireland. It wouldn't make the "Ireland's top tourist destinations" and, in all likelihood, neither would Clonmel. Perhaps that's the beauty of it. Somewhere, near the village of Clonmel, tucked between the rolling fields and lanes of Co. Tipperary Ireland, stands an …

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stone wall with tea cup and hiking boots

Thanks for the “Outstanding Blogger Award” Nomination

Thanks a million to The Travel Architect who kindly nominated me for the "Outstanding Blogger Award." And thanks for making us laugh with your CS3NiT2TWS disease. What I like about this blogging award, and why I chose to participate, is because, in a time of seemingly endless quarantines and restricted travel, it brings people together …

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jean-clad legs hike along a nature pathway

Folk on Foot – Music, Conversation, & Nature

In my memory, it always starts the same.  A voice — deep, and Scottish — rolling out across the empty space, "Out here, there is no time…. Time is our imagination." Then, comes the violin.  It lingers, and lilts, filling the spaces where the words have once been.  I hang every sound; follow them across time …

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